Our 2018 Honored Clan:
Clan MacMillan – SEPT OF BLUE

Honoring the Blue Family of the Sandhills, and the family of John Blue – historical owner of the John Blue House and grounds on which our Games are held.

Clans and Societies  - 2018

Sept of Blue, Clan MacMillan
Clan Bell

House of Burnett
Cape Fear Valley Scottish Clans
Clan Campbell Society N.A.
Clan Davidson Society, U.S.A.
Clan Donald, USA
Clan Donnachaidh of the Carolinas
Clan Fraser Society of North America
House of Gordon
Clan Graham Society
Clan Guthrie
Clan Henderson Society
Clan Kerr
Clan Lamont Society of North America
MacDuffee Clan Society of America, Inc
International Clan MacFarlane Society
Clan MacInnis
Clan MacKenzie in the United States
Clan MacKintosh of North America
Clan MacLean Association
Clan MacLeod Society USA
Clan MacLeod Carolinas Region
Clan MacNeil Association of U.S.A.
Clan Maxwell Society
Clan McGillivray
Clan McPhaul /Mill Prong House
Clan Morrison Society, N.A.
Clan Ross Association
Clan Sinclair U.S.A.
Clan Stewart Society of America
Clan Stewart of Appin’
St. Andrews Society of North Carolina
Scottish-American Military Society
Scottish Culture Organization in the Triangle
Scottish Heritage USA
Wallace Clan
Clan Watson / McEachin Family