The Scotland County Highland Games is proud to include
Highland Dance competitions as part of our event on Saturday. It is always a treat to see the precision and beauty of these dances performed by dancers of all ages and from throughout the United States (and sometimes Canada) who compete at our event. All dancing events are sanctioned by and conducted under the rules and regulations of SCOTDANCE USA.

  • Primary (Age 4-6) - Pas de Basques (PDB), PDB & High Cuts, Fling, Sword
  • Beginner (Age 7 and up) - Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Truibhas, ½ Tulloch
  • Novice - Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Truibhas, ½ Tulloch
  • Intermediate - Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Truibhas, ½ Tulloch
  • Premier - Irish Jig (4 & 1), Blue Bonnets (4 steps), Flora (4 steps), Village Maid (4 steps), Sailor's Hornpipe (5 steps)

Click here to register for dance competitions. Registration will include admission to the games. For more information, contact the Director of Dancing.

Highland Dance Registration