Scotland County

Highland Games


Oct. 5th


Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors

The Games would not be the success it is without our many sponsors.  The Scotland County Highland Games would like to thank the following businesses, organizations, and individuals for supporting the 2018 Games!!

Click Here for Individual Sponsors

Corporate/Business Event And Trophy Sponsors
Highland Brewing Company, Asheville, NC                             Cable Hound Tracking, LLC, Rockingham, NC
Carolina Container, Laurinburg, NC                                        Comfort Inn, Laurinburg, NC
Clan Donald Lands Trust, Isle of Skye, Scotland                     Locklear Farms, Laurinburg, NC
Nic’s Pic Kwik, Laurinburg, NC                                                St. Andrews University, Laurinburg, NC
Scotland County Tourism, Laurinburg, NC                             St. Andrews Society of McRae Meadows                     Scotland County Emergency Services, Laurinburg, NC         WLNC Radio, Laurinburg, NC

Southeast Farm Equipment, Lumberton/Laurinburg, NC

Clan Donald Lands Trust

We are pleased to announce Highland Brewing as the sponsor of our Athletic Events and Field.

Scotland County Emergency Services

Individual  Sponsors

Chieftain Sponsor ($250+)
Robert & Nancy Bedingfield -- Laurinburg, NC
Lillian Boger -- Laurinburg, NC
Thomas & Jennifer MacDuffee, Ishers, IN
Gibson Oil and Gas -- Gibson, NC
Bill & Anne Caudill and Family -- Laurinburg, NC
Hon. And Mrs. B. Craig Ellis -- Laurinburg, NC
Nancy Smith -- Sparks, MD
John & Mary Ann Masters -- Lumberton, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E Marsh -- Laurinburg, NC
Ritch, Breeden and Co./David Breeden -- Laurinburg
Howard & Dorothy Cross -- Dover, TN
Richard E. Cross -- Maxton, NC
James & Jill Henery -- Laurinburg, NC
Ethel Keefer -- Maxton, NC
Curtis G. Leonard -- Winston-Salem, NC
Hubbard McDonald -- Bennettsville, SC
Beacham & Lynn McDougald -- Laurinburg, NC
W. Daniel & Sara Jane Pate -- Southern Pines, NC
Phillip & Norma Perkins -- Rockingham, NC
John & Sara Stewart -- Laurinburg, NC
Andy & Emily Womble -- Laurinburg, NC

Highlander Sponsor ($150—$249)
Gale & Emily Boyd -- Durham, NC
James & Gale Chapman -- Flat Top, WV
Bill Caudill Family -- Laurinburg, NC
David & Linda Gellatly -- Winston-Salem, NC
Carol McCall -- Laurinburg, NC
Roger and Brenda McLean -- Raleigh, NC
Mac & Mary McInnis -- Laurinburg, NC
Les & Kim Noble -- Lumberton, NC
Louisa Stewart -- West End, NC

Clansman Sponsor ($125—$149)
Steve & Allison McLean -- Laurinburg, NC
Stephen Birchall Tool Sales, David Reedy -- Laurinburg
Julian Butler, Jr. -- Laurinburg, NC
Ernest & Frances McNeill -- Marianna, FL
John & Celeste McRae -- Laurinburg, NC
Lachlan Hyatt -- Spartanburg, SC

Patron Sponsor (($75—$124)
Charles & Kim Liles -- Laurinburg, NC
Jane Tornow -- Chapel Hill, NC
Mailyn and Mary McLaurin, Raleigh, NC
F. A. & A. J. McNeill -- Aberdeen, NC
Mike & Susan Murphy -- Laurinburg, NC
Robert Morrison -- Raleigh, NC